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Week 1 of the Spring 2024 One Room Challenge!

Last year I participated in the One Room Challenge after some encouragement from fellow design friends to join in. They had participated before and were eager to get more designers signed up. I did my primary bedroom because I thought it would be simpler than a demoed out space with full construction. While I wouldn’t end up calling it “Easy” at the finish, it was still a great success! You can read all about that project on my previous blogs.

This year however, I am going big. So big in fact, I am a little nervous to fully commit (yet here we are!) I am doing my primary bathroom this year. This bathroom has been the part of our home that I literally hide from guests and pretend it doesn’t exist! Finally after a few years of saving, some extremely generous sponsors, and a great general contractor- it’s FINALLY time!

For week 1 I’m going to share my concept board but keep checking back as I share my floor plan and design process. Also, I am so excited to share a little more weekly about each sponsor! These are all vendors I have used in my design business over the last eight years, so to be able to use their products in my OWN home is truly something quite special!


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