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KBIS 2022- Day 2 Recap!

KBIS Day 2 had begun while I was still recovering from the energy high of all the Day 1 excitement!

Our friends over at Signature Kitchen Suites invited us for a pre-show VIP Private Tour of their booth and I think it might have been the most beautiful booth I have ever seen!

This year, they had several gorgeous NEW pieces on display and I look forward to spicing them on future projects.

The winner of yesterday's Design Bites competition was their 48" French Door Refrigerator. This appliance, is AMAZING. It's panel ready, gorgeous, incredibly spacious, and has the classic french door refrigeration top and drawer bottoms that I love! My favorite (and most fun) feature though is their regular ice AND craft Ice feature options. I love the idea of clients having the option and availability of both in on1e system.

After the debut of the 48" refrigerator (which by the way, is the FIRST of its kind in the appliance world), we were shown some more of SKS and LG's beautiful appliance systems. We checked out their 24" double under counter refrigerator and freezer piece. This appliance was so impressive because the user has the ability to constantly change the system from fridge/freezer to freezer/freezer, fridge/fridge, etc. whenever they want! It's perfect for home wellness and every day needs. This piece also comes panel ready and was one of my personal top 10 Design Hounds Favorite Finds!

Signature Kitchen Suites is such a beautiful luxury appliance brand and it truly seems they focus on the details on how to improve design in the home. From their ranges, sous vide integration, detailed burners (check out the photo below to see their integrated heat notification!), and even their LG styler which helps de-wrinkle clothes and give you the dry cleaning dreams in your own home!

After our wonderful SKS booth time, my fellow Design Hounds and I headed over to the NKA Global Connect stage, and what a treat it was! KBIS in general is a gathering a people (both on the attendee and vendor side) from all around the world. I really loved that the Global Connect stage was a platform for more brands to come together and join us in the KBIS world!

We heard wonderful presentations from:

Ballerina Kutchens- High Quality German Kitchen Cabinetry (Love their color choices!)

Hacker- Premium German Cabinetry with Accessories (like super organized drawer inserts!)

Vlaze- UK Based colorful modular outdoor kitchens (Obsessed with the yellow!)

Wall Smart- An Israeli based company that offers flush mount solutions for advancing AV screens, controls, etc.

Energized by global connect, we visited our German friends at nobilia European Kitchen Furniture for some lunch, wine, and an amazing product presentation by one of the best speakers I have heard at KBIS.

I was really impressed with nobilia's company approach as they create high quality kitchen furniture that is readily accessible and shipping directly from their two gigantic production facilities in Germany. They offer an extremely high value product that is available in many colors and configuration options. As they have such a large production facility, the lead times are extremely competitive to many on the market.

I was surprised to learn that in Germany, most places do not come equipped with pre-installed kitchen cabinets. nobilia (lowercase N), saw the need for adding accessible furniture into kitchens and thus, their empire began. An additional feature that I just loved was that they have 24 different ergonomic cabinet heights to custom create the perfect height levels for clients.

I can see this same approach for many homes in the US as well. The concept of being able to personalize the cabinets (furniture) in our space specific to your personal needs is terrific. I look forward to utilizing their products in the future!

After our visit with the wonderful crew at nobilia, we headed to the New American Home to tour their beautiful project and celebrate Design Hounds 10th anniversary!

I could go on for hours about what an incredible opportunity Modenus gave me as selecting me as a Design Hound. It's forever changed my emerging foot print into the industry and I look forward to continue growing, learning, and networking with the best of the industry!

Sponsored by: KBIS, Compac Surfaces, Signature Kitchen Suites, Mr. Steam Therapy, Nobilia, NKBA Global Connect


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