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One Room Challenge- For the love of Wallpaper

If you have been on any form of social media lately, you know wallpaper is back. I'm not talking about the 60's wallpaper you are remembering from your grandmother's's wallpaper is a completely different ball game. For my One Room Challenge space, I knew that the wallpaper had to be the star of the show. Before we dive right in, I wanted to make sure to let you know that you can view all the Spring 2023 projects

When we first bought our house in the Spring of 2021, I went on Milton and King's website and ordered this kingfisher sample. I was obsessed. I would stare at this beautiful 8x11" sample every morning and dream of having it on my walls one day. Being from India, the Kingfisher is a very special bird to our country (and also a dang good beer). The colors were beautiful and I had this idea to create the entire room's concept around it.

Flash forward to Spring of 2023 when it was finally time to order...something NEW caught my eye. This new wallpaper changed everything. I'm still promising to use the Kingfisher in another space, but for this project...the GARDEN STATE WALLPAPER BY TIFF MANUEL had won my heart.

I know what you are thinking, they are COMPLETELY different. You're right they are, both they both had a special place in my heart. So why did the Garden State win me over? It was the vibrancy. I think coming out of the pandemic we all had a little gloom to us. The Garden State paper pulled me out of that Gloom. It was brightly colored without being obnoxious and still felt moody enough to mix a nice balance of feminine and masculine energy in our space.

I was also just really drawn to the artist, as a designer myself, the person behind the art is just as important as the art displayed. The Garden State Mural is by Australian based Artist, Tiff Manuel. The Milton and King website describes her as being "known for her colorful, vibrant and exciting designs. Her signature style can be found on clothing, handbags and accessories. She often implements a drip style to her paintings but also doesn’t shy away from traditional florals. Her designs are fashionable, inspirational and always exude a jubilant mood. " You can see her entire collection for them here.

So after we ordered the wallpaper, it arrived super quickly. Milton and King has a printing factory in Dallas Texas and it shipped to me within 5 business days. I also loved that the packaging was easy to read. This print was technically a mural so we had a number guide to follow for the order of installation. The paper (like all their wall coverings) is "Paste The Wall" so its a bit easier to install and my installer loved working with the material. This also makes it extremely DIY friendly! We've had the installation completed now and we are obsessed. The final icing on the cake though? It's washable.

Seriously...this is the dream wallpaper! Check out this before/after...can you even believe its the same space?

After Photo by Chelsea Mudlo of CMudlo Photography. This post was sponsored by Milton and King.


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