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One Room Challenge- Does the perfect Door Knob exist?

Okay, I realize that the title sounds dramatic...but sometimes in interior design, drama is okay! This post is part of my series for the Spring 2023 One Room Challenge. Please take a moment and enjoy all the participants work here: ONE ROOM CHALLENGE SPRING 2023!

So door knobs, they are necessary, multi functional and often one of the last elements ordered on the project. I have to say, I am on a personal mission to change this mindset. Just like lighting, I believe that door knobs can act as Jewelry to the home. A statement piece can go along way and whats a better first impression than the door itself?

For my project, I reached out to my friends at EMTEK because I had been stalking their products since KBIS a few years ago. They have an amazing team and company values that really aligned with my own. They also make all of their pieces really customizable. For example, I was able to choose the perfect combination for my home. I went with the CONICAL WHITE MARBLE KNOB, in a satin brass finish, and added a square rosette behind it.

You can see the different options I could choose from below, there truly is something for EVERYONE.

Alright, and now for the big reveal... here is how it looks in my bedroom! Ah!! I seriously love it so much!! I grew up in the marble industry (my family is in the stone business) and this feels like an ode to my childhood spent at quarries with my parents. Plus, its showstoppingly beautiful!

Photos by Chelsea Mudlo of CMudlo Photography.


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